Bacon May Die

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/21/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Bacon May Die

Bacon May Die is shooting and fighting a fast-paced 2D game in which the player controls a pig furious named Bacon. The latter must battle against troops of bacon-hungry bunnies zombie, survive boss fights,  destroy hordes of creatures, and unlock many weapons and costumes.

This game may be played simultaneously by either one or two people using the same computer.

An action-packed fighting game featuring intuitive thumb combat controls, one hundred unlocked costumes and weapons, boss battles, beautiful cartoon 2D visuals, and fluid run-and-shoot gameplay is the next release from the creator of Iron Snout.

How to play the Bacon May Die?

Player 1 Use the arrow keys to move and battle. To fire, press and hold the left or right arrow button.

Player 2: To move and battle, use the WASD keys; to shoot, press, and hold the A and D buttons.

In the video game Bacon May Die, you play the role of a pig who must defend himself against waves of foes. You are an experienced fighter, and in the event that the number of foes becomes overwhelming, you have a handgun at your disposal. Bacon May Die is a humorous video game that supports co-op play between two people using the same personal computer. In order to defeat your foes with the assistance of your friends, you may enter the "coop" mode.



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