Brick Breaker

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Brick Breaker

The goal of the game known as Brick Breaker is for the player to use a paddle to deflect a bouncing ball in order to break down a brick wall. The paddle may travel in a horizontal direction, and it is controlled by using the trackwheel on the BlackBerry, the mouse on the computer, or by touching it with your finger on a touchscreen device.

The player begins the game with a finite number of lives. If the ball touches the bottom of the screen, the player will immediately lose a life. When all of the bricks have been broken, the player is promoted to the next level, which is more difficult.

How to play the Brick Breaker?

Here is a version of one of the classic internet games that you probably played on the very first personal computer that you had. This is a new take on the classic game Arkanoid, in which you must try to throw the oncoming ball from your platform in such a way that it collides with the colored bricks and causes them to be demolished.

To play this game is very simple. This is a vertical take on the classic breakout game, with the added convenience of having the ball collected between rounds. Aim carefully so that you may cause as much harm to the bricks as possible before the ball bounces back to you. You have the responsibility of trying to boost your turn-based ammunition supply by striking other balls throughout each of your turns.

Stay in the game as long as possible without allowing any bricks to fall off the bottom. Aim your shot using the mouse's pointer and press the left mouse button to release a ball. Machines with touchscreens: You may aim and shoot by tapping your finger on the screen.

Indicators and controls: The game's volume may be adjusted through a slider at the top, and there are also record and personal high score counters and a pause button. There is a number on each square that represents the number of times it may take damage before being destroyed. Each turn, your ball will have a certain number of shots that you may fire.



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