Fish Eat Fish

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/21/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Fish Eat Fish

Indiesoft, a game developer headquartered in Belarus, is the company behind Fish Eat Fish.

This game may be played by one, two, or three people. It is necessary to consume other fish for your fish to continue to develop. The reef is deserted after being attacked by sharks. There will be no more of our cherished pebbles or algae.

The Surgeonfish, the Clownfish, and the Moorish Idol concluded that when they reach adulthood, they will protect and restore the reef by putting in place an ancient artifact from the Black Sea known as the Head of the Stone Golem. This will allow them to amass a lot of gems in the process.

Fish Eat Fishes is a simple board game conceptually developed from the time-honored game Fish Eat Fish 3 Players. To win the game and become the largest fish in the water, we must stay away from the larger fish and focus on eating the lesser ones.

How to play the Fish Eat Fish?

The player needs to stack the fish that can attack the top of the other fish. Other: If a player has used up all their Challenge cards, they must clear the board of any remaining stacks of fish. These fish are added to the total number of fish the player has caught after the game and form a part of that player's haul. That person can't take part in any future fights.

In general, most fish need some meat in their diet, which they get from other animals, such as insects, worms, or even smaller fish. Meanwhile, bigger carnivorous fish will predominantly feed on the flesh of other fish, birds, or small animals. Bigger fish often eat larger prey. This is especially true for larger predatory fish. This is true regardless of the kind of animal being discussed.



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