Friday Night Funkin’

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/23/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Friday Night Funkin

In Friday Night Funkin', the player takes control of Boyfriend, a character who must overcome a series of opponents in order to maintain his date with his Girlfriend. Game has many stages, or weeks, with 3 songs in each. Some variations on this system provide more than one opponent every week for the gamer to face. In this game, the player must imitate their opponent's singing by clicking the corresponding arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D. The opponent's singing will be represented by arrows throughout gaming. Sometimes the player's pattern will be different from the opponent's pattern, or the two singers may even perform a duet, which is only possible in more complicated songs.

The player may choose from three different levels every week: Normal, medium, and hard. Arrows come to you speedy and in even complex patterns making the difficulty to rise. In the upper right section of the week selection display, the player's highest score for that week on each difficulty level will be shown. There are 2 play styles available in the game: a narrative campaign where songs are performed in a prescribed sequence, and an "free play" option where the player may choose any song from the game at their convenience.

How to play the Friday Night Funkin?

  • To get an advantage over your rivals, timing your presses of the WASD or even the arrow keys to the beat of the music. After completing the instructional level, you may choose to continue through the tale or enter free play mode, where you can compete against any of the characters from the game's narrative. When playing the narrative mode, you have the option to customize the difficulty to match your skill level.
  • Controls for the volume: "+" & "-" to raise or reduce the volume, and "0" to silence the microphone.
  • Choose - Press Enter
  • Go back press Esc



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