OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Dreamon Studios is responsible for developing the gladiator-themed combat game known as Gladihoppers. You will take on the role of a leaping armed warrior in the Roman Empire as you play this exciting gladiator conflict simulator.

Graphics in the game are like 2D pixel art combined with challenging physics elements. Play Gladiator Fight on your computer to take advantage of this combat action game's expansive and stunning display. Gladiator combat is the way to victory!

Gladiator Fight challenges players to engage in gladiator duels and emerge victorious against various adversaries in various venues. Fight and enjoy real-time online multiplayer 1v1 bouts against random opponents or with a buddy, regardless of the platform you play on! Fight through seven distinct venues, including the Colosseum, Macedonia, Aegyptus, Gallia, The Ludus, and Hispania!

Each venue has its particular appearance and atmosphere! Get ready to explore the many different game types. The Career mode, in which you use a variety of tactics; the Spartacus War strategy mode, in which you must subjugate armies and cities; and the Save the Emperor arcade mode, in which you engage in a never-ending battle!

How to play the Gladihoppers?

The vast number of different game modes that may be played in Gladihopper's combat simulator is one of the aspects that adds the most significant appeal to the overall experience. To begin, there is the Arcade mode, which functions much like a fight to the death; players must engage in combat against an unending wave of foes while attempting to maintain their life for as long as possible.

The second mode is called Quick Fight, a bespoke arena where you may test your mettle against computer-controlled opponents.  The next phase is called Career mode, which challenges your gladiator fighting abilities to their absolute limit. The gameplay of Gladihoppers is likewise quite simple.

You navigate the world by touching the screen clockwise from right to left. Since the motions of the gladiator are entirely determined by physics, each action will be as comedically unpredictable as it is physically challenging.



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