OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Advertisement 2 2 is an online multiplayer version of the original io game, and The game's goal is to purchase land. Increase the extent of your domain as much as you can. In this web-based version of the classic board game, you compete against other players online using paper blocks.

Take control of the lobby as much as possible while striving to get the maximum possible score. If you've never played the first, 2, the sequel, plays the same as the original.

The player's square in 2 may travel in any direction, including left, right, up, and down, but in the first version of the game, the player's square could only be allowed to move in the left, right, up, and down directions. This is the primary difference between the two versions.

To begin, this is not a game that is played against other people who are humans. The other players are computer programs called bots. This implies that you and several AIs will be competing against one another in an open arena.

You'll adore! Conquer as much land as possible while remaining ahead of the other players. An enjoyable experience while sketching! Voodoo built the game, the same company behind the incredible games Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block, and more!

How to play the 2?

Use your mouse to navigate and fill in the map with the color of your choice. You may claim a region by gliding over the white space and the paint left behind by previous players and then creating a link to your color. Your tail is vulnerable to assault if you go outside of the boundaries of your color.



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