Penalty Shooters 2

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is a soccer video game in which players attempt to score goals by converting penalty kicks while competing in a fantasy league of their choosing. Alternate between shooter and goaltender in brutal penalty shootouts. You need to win the match to advance in the company and have a chance at winning the championship.

The soccer video game Penalty Shooters 2 challenges players to score goals to emerge victorious from a competition. Hundreds of teams from around the world compete in Penalty Shooters 2. Pick a fantasy league with teams from England, France, or the United States and Canada. Five turns are played in every round.

Make some saves while you're at it! In a penalty shootout, each side takes turns shooting at the goal from the penalty mark, while the other team's goalkeeper is the only player responsible for defending the goal. Each unit is allowed five shots, all of which must be taken by separate kickers; the winner is determined by the team with a higher percentage of successful kicks.

How to play the Penalty Shooters 2?

This game can only be played with a mouse. To aim and fire, click and hold the mouse button to make the kick, and release. To save your changes, you must first click and have your goalie will start moving toward to pointer.

If we have to resort to a penalty shootout, each team will have the opportunity to take the kicks in turn. Each player must choose a different player to steal their spice. Player eligibility to take a second penalty kick, all of the other players on their team must have previously tried a kick, and the score must still be tied after the first kick.

At this point, both sides go back through their rosters and play every squad member one more time. As a result, teams who choose to take the first penalty win sixty percent of all shootouts, while those who choose to go second from the spot only win forty percent.



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