Run 3

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Run 3

One of the most well-known and compelling video games right now is Run 3. It is the most recent game in the 3D Arcade Run series, and it asks you to get inside a restricted area. You had to remain on the path and avoid holes in the earlier Run and Run 2 games. Although you can jump over the many obstacles, there are times when you need to rotate the screen & maintain your position on what was formerly the roof. As you go through the game, you will also come across crumbling blocks as well as other obstacles that disappear.

While there isn't a skater option initially (like in Run 2), you will have complete access once they are later in the game fully unlocked. Players may also access the limitless mode, which allows you to run as far as you can while accruing as many points as you can.

How to play the Run 3?

You may play Run 3 World on your computer or mobile device. You'll need to keep running to reach higher levels and avoid the emptiness. You can play Run 3 World for free on your computer or mobile device by downloading it from the Chrome Web Store.

In Run 3, you control a little alien as it runs endlessly across space. The developer of the Run series, Joseph Cloutier, also developed Run 3. With the release of Run 3 in HTML5, you no longer need Flash to play. The PC version of the game is available for free online play.

What are the controls for Run 3?

  • Use arrows to move
  • Jump using Space or the Up arrow.
  • Simply press "R" to begin again
  • Press "P" to take a break from play



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