Subway Surfers

OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Subway Surfers

Kiloo & SYBO Games, two private companies located in Denmark, developed Subway Surfers, an infinite runner smartphone game. It was built using the Unity game engine and is compatible with Android, HarmonyOS, iOS, Kindle, & Windows Phones. Young graffiti artists are put in the shoes of the player, who, after being detected "tagging" the metro railway site, must make a break for it across the railway lines, pursued by the inspector & his dog.

Power-ups, Gold coins, and other things may be picked up along the path while the runner escapes dangers like trains. Players may avoid being caught by hopping on top of trains or surfing on hoverboards until their character either crashes into a barrier, is caught by an inspector, or is run over by a train. Characters and items are available in-game as prizes for completing special events like the Season Hunt.

How to play the Subway Surfers?

A video game genre known as an infinite runner is represented by Subway Surfers. The player initiates the game by tapping on the screen while Jake, the game's starting character, and any other characters spray paint graffiti on a subway car. After being caught in the action by the inspector and his dog, the character then runs away from them as the inspector and his dog pursue them.

The player may down, left, swipe up, or right while sprinting in order to avoid hitting impending obstacles, such as moving subways, tunnel walls, poles,  & barriers. More points may be earned by swiping the screen more quickly as the speed rises.  

The player has the opportunity to acquire a variety of items, including coins, keys, power jumpers, score multipliers, jetpacks, super sneakers, mystery boxes, magnets, and score multipliers. A power jumper produces combustion by propelling the character into the air, a jetpack provides the capacity to fly, the coin magnet draws coins from the track, super shoes grant the ability to jump higher, and a score multiplier increases the pace at which points are counted toward the total score. Items, including a hoverboard, provide the player character the ability to avoid collisions for around thirty seconds at a time.



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