Tank Trouble


OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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Tank Trouble

This is a game that persons of any age may play. The plot revolves around a battle between tanks, and although you may play it single-player, the game also has a multiplayer mode with space for two or three players. The winner takes everything in this game. You play so that you may win and wipe out your opponents. You may compete against Laika in a single-player match or play with other people locally or online.

Tank Trouble is an online tank game in which the player navigates through a labyrinth while firing missiles at other players. You will face off against cunning military generals on Tank Trouble's labyrinthine battlefields. You will go up against Laika, a skilled warrior in Solo mode. You may also compete against one or more friends in a multiplayer game mode.

How to play the Tank Trouble?

The arrow keys operate your tank while playing in the Solo mode. You aim with the gap between. Navigate your way through the labyrinth to locate your foes, then fire from a safe position to eliminate them before they can fire their cannon at you.

The tank game with enormous explosions, the fastest tempo, and action-packed scenarios is now available for iOS devices. You control your tank's movement on mobile by moving the joystick and fire by pressing the button.

Launch the pause menu (which can be reached both before and during gameplay), go to controls, and then click the button whose behavior you want to modify. After that, tap the key corresponding to the setting you wish to apply.

If players participate in the game, they will use the mouse in the room to control and create fire. How to play: The first player will take charge of his machine and maneuver it by using the E, S, D, and F keys and will use the Q button to fire.



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