OS/Platform: Android Ios
Updated: 11/22/2022
Developer : No Developer

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The first-person shooting game, has a capture gameplay mode. You may start playing the action-packed game right away after choosing your character and a weapon. Make use of your fast skills and reactions to get the upper hand on the scoreboard. Unlock cards then use them strategically against your competitors. is the largest and most significant IO game ever developed. It now boasts more than three million monthly players, which is increasing daily. delivers an FPS sensation akin to games. The game does not have excessive features, and the close-quarters fighting allows for fast, reactive first-person shooter gameplay that is more skill-based than many other popular games.

Its secret to success was its user-friendliness, which resulted from its simple design. It is a game that may be started at any time and played at any point. No need to download anything, and there aren't any complicated instructions to follow.

How to play the

  • LMB - Aim, and fire.
  • Aim Down Sight is activated by pressing RMB or Shift.
  • Move by using the WASD keys.
  • Press the Space Bar to jump.
  • Scroll Wheel allows the player to switch between available weapons.
  • R - Reload.
  • Attack at close range with E.
  • Grenade tossing is an F move.



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